Good Morning, My Dear

I walk up the stairs gracefully, feeling the sway of my hips as my feet delicately tap each step as I ascend the staircase to his room. His sister was nice enough to me. At least she had turned to look at me and even said hello. That’s a plus in my book.

Reaching his door on the landing I suck in a deep breath. My lungs suddenly feel as if I’ve been a smoker my whole life. I grasp the cold doorknob. Slowly, I twist it all the way and gently open the white door to his bed chambers. There, in front of me, he lay sprawled out on his bed. Fast asleep. I smile inwardly.

He looks so innocent, so peaceful, as his dreams carried him far away from here. Suddenly I feel guilty for having come to wake him up, as he’d asked me to, as I slowly shut the door. It closes with a soft tap. An unforeseen yearning drives me to his bed side where I gently set myself down on the very edge of it.

His eyes snap open at the weight shift. My heart stops as his brown eyes meet mine and static crosses the small space between us. He smiles as he gazes at me. I can’t help but let a smile plaster itself on my face at the sight of his joy at seeing me.

“Hey babe,” he says as he stretches his well muscled arms to the sky and a yawn encircles his mouth.

“Hey there,” I say. Lowering his arms he lays there and looks at me for a while. His eyes scan every part of me. I see them analyze my body movements, the way I play with my hair nervously, the way my eyes flicker back and forth between his robust arms, beautiful eyes, kissable lips, and the floor. I squirm uncomfortably under his scrutinizing gaze.

Slowly he lets the blanket fall down to just above his crotch where I get a full view of his glorious abdomen, fit pecs, and defined shoulders. My breath catches in my throat and I can’t seem to bring myself out of my inappropriate staring.

“Come here. Lay with me,” he says in a tired, deep, sultry voice. It was a mix between sounding exhausted and aroused and somehow it made my insides churn with excited anticipation. I begin to lay down, but he quickly puts up a hand to stop me. I look to his face for answers upon my confusion and his look tells me everything I need to know.

I grin and stand before him. He props himself up on one elbow and rests his head on his hand as he watches. Slowly, I begin to peel off my shirt. The feeling of gradually disrobing for him turned him and I on in ways I hadn’t known before. Turning around for the tease I unlatched my bra and let it fall to the floor. I could hear his breathing stop for a moment. I continued with my pants. Slowly undoing the buttons, then the zipper, and sliding them leisurely over my rump and letting them drop to the floor. He gasps slightly at the sight of me in just a skimpy thong that barely covered my genitalia. I turned back around to face him and revealed in the feel of his eyes on me and his mouth slightly ajar.

“May I lay with you now?” I ask seductively. He snaps his mouth shut and shakes away the clouds around his head.

“Of course,” he says and lifts the blanket for me to enter in. I see now he is already fully stripped down to his socks and has been waiting for me. I crawl into the bed and lay right beside him. He lets the covers fall over me as I rest my head on his bicep and begin absent-mindingly tracing his tribal tattoo on his arm. His breathing returns to normal after a while and I look up at him. His eyes, though respectful, were dying to peak underneath the blanket at my naked body once more.

Smiling ruefully at him I prop myself up on my elbow and let my other hand reach behind his head to caress the nape of his neck. My fingers toyed with his hair as my eyes began to sweep over his beautiful complexion, darting from his eyes to his lips as I slowly began to lean in. He met me half way and our lips gently grazed each others.

My heart raced in my chest as immediately the sparks flew. With our lips still locked I pushed him onto his back and straddled him in one fluid movement. His hands quickly found their way from my shoulders, gently stroking down my back, to bum. I gasped against his mouth as his hands firmly grab my ass and began to force my hips to grind against his.

I suck in his bottom lip and he groans in pleasure. A sly seductive smile etches itself on my lips at the noises I could make him utter. My hands trailed from his shoulders, to his chest, to his abs, and finally to his sensitive spot. His fingers curl around my ass as I begin to grind on him of my own free will.

“Had enough yet?” I ask teasingly between heavy kisses. A low growl sounds deep in his throat as he grabs me fast and lands me on my back before I can even blink. I gasp as his mouth wasted no time trailing gentle hot kisses along my jawline, to my breasts where he took his time pleasing each nipple, to my hard stomach, to the inside of my waist, and finally to my core where I arched my back and gasped as his tongue worked magic.

His long arms grab my wrists and pin them to the bed on either side of me, forcing me not to move them an inch as he continues to make me moan through the pleasure. My vision blurs as I stare up at the ceiling. Quickly, he pulls away from my core only to cover my mouth with his. I can taste myself on his tongue as it darts in my mouth to play with mine. I groan against his jaw as he lays his head next to mine.

“Do you know much you torture me?” he asks in a deep voice. I grin widely at him.

“Maybe you should show me just how much my naked body tortures you,” I reply. He reads the hidden agenda behind my statement and quickly gets up to walk to his closet where he grabs one of his ties. I bite the corner of my lip in anticipation as he expertly ties my wrists together and binds them to the headboard.

“I just might,” he says as his mouth claims mine again and his hand goes between my legs, giving me pleasure I’d never known before. My arms yank against their restraints as his mouth devours my neck. I can feel his tongue flick lightly against my skin and his hot breath in my ears.

Sitting up he grabs both of my ankles and sets them on his shoulders. I narrow my eyes at him. He knows how much I love this position. Carefully positioning himself he plunges deep inside me with out warning. I scream as erotic pleasure erupts from everywhere inside me. My nails scrape against the headboard and leave white tracks in their wake. He doesn’t waste a moment as he beings to thrust into me.

“You’re not allowed to move your arms, you hear?” he asks. I bite my lip as my vision blurs. I nod in submission but I just want him to continue. “Let me hear you say it,” he says as his mouth covers my nipples.

“I won’t move my arms,” I say breathlessly. He lifts his head and our eyes meet once more as he smiles wickedly at me and thrusts hard, making me scream his name. My arms yank at the bindings.

“Uh-uh,” he says and he pins my arms down to the bed. “I told you not to move them,” and with that he thrusts deep into me and relentlessly pounds me until I can’t even utter a sound anymore.

Quickly he grabs my tiny waist on either side and shoves it down to the bed. I gasp as his work-roughened hands glide harshly against my soft skin. A moan escapes my lips as I beg him with my eyes to keep going.

“Say what you want, princess,” he says as his lips kiss my neck tenderly.

“I want more,” I breath as I try to grind my hips against him but he holds me fast. Pinning my waist to the bed he rams into me. My body automatically tries to met his thrust but his hands pin me down. Not missing a beat he begins to send us both to our climax.

Groaning loudly I feel him release inside me as I scream out my climax. Together we both pant, exhausted. He leans down and kisses me passionately as he undoes the tie around my wrists and tosses it aside.

Free finally I roll over my stomach and lay my head on his chest. He looks down at me. I can see the love filling his stare and my heart warms.

“Was that okay?” he asks as his hand brushes back a few stray hairs from my face. I grin at him.

“That was more than okay. That was amazing!” I tell him. Propping myself up on my elbows I lean in and kiss him again passionately. I could my heart swell with each peck. Finally I lay back on his chest and look up at him.

“I love you,” I say. He smiles at me and wraps his arm around me to bring me closer to him.

“I love you too,” he says and we both fall into a deep sleep as we lay naked beside each other.


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