God’s Off The Hook! We Let People Starve

Godless Cranium

I often run into the argument that people starve because we let them and so God isn’t responsible. At first brush, this argument seems to make sense because it does make some sense if you take God out of the equation. You can easily make the case that people starve because we don’t share resources well and/or we’re a selfish species.

I ran into this comment again today. Here’s what the original comment said:

Something that always amazes me, why don’t we ever ask, how come humans don’t feed all the starving children? We live on a planet with abundant resources and enough food for all. So how come some children still go hungry?

One problem is that people don’t like to look at the nature of human depravity and some of the horrors we are capable of creating and inflicting on each other. The conditions that create starvation are…

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