Oh, How The Tables Have Turned

I haven’t seen her in over five years. We had been so close, so connected, then she just turned on me. It was as if a switch had gone off inside her and out came this monster that had locked away my sweet sweet fiance. I missed her still to this day, but I had to get out. Honestly, if she would have gotten mad enough I don’t doubt that she’d have hesitated to kill me in cold blood.

She used to be sweet, understanding, compassionate, and loving. Like when I had burned our anniversary dinner for our one year. I thought she was going to stress out and start yelling at me, but instead she caressed my face, looked deep into my green eyes, and told me it was okay. She proceeded to clean up the entire mess, re-cook dinner, and make passionate love to me without any complaint at all.

Then, a year later, I had a friend stay over. We’d been friends for years, him and I. His mother had kicked him out of the house so he came to me. My girl was at work for the night so she wouldn’t be home and I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Boy, was I wrong. When she saw my friend texting me the next day saying “thanks man for helping me out last night” she asked me what he was talking about. I told her straight up that he slept over because he’d been kicked out, but that was the wrong answer.

She began screaming in my face, throwing things, yelling about how I lied to her. I did everything I could to make her calm down, but it seemed nothing would work except letting her use me as a physical punching bag. I’d never had my man-hood ripped from me, but she succeeded to do that in just a few punches. She left bruises all over my legs and arms from how hard she had kicked me.

For such a small beautiful woman, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that she had actually hurt me, physically and mentally. I had thought we were together till the end, that it’d be us against the world. But no, I had to let her go. She was going to kill me. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how, but I knew one day she’d get mad enough and plunge a knife deep into my body.

All this and yet, I still miss her. Instead of reminding myself what a monster she had become I keep remembering all the good times we’d had. And the sex! Dear lord, I hadn’t realized someone could be that good in bed. She was my goddess in every sense of the word. I had worshiped the ground she walked on.

My favorite memory of us was when I had proposed to her. We were so young and carefree. She had just gotten back from vacation with her family and I surprised her when she pulled into the driveway. I pulled her aside and knelt down right there in the garage and asked her to be my wife. She had thought it was joke and began looking for hidden cameras. I told her this was no joke and once she finally realized that she said yes with a big glowing smile and sparkling eyes.

That was back when she was still sweet. Not yet turned sour.The worst thing about our relationship had been the fighting. Not the physical abuse, not the manipulation, not the cheating, the fighting. It was constant, everyday, every minute, every second. She would randomly pick fights every time I even breathed. Everything I did seemed to piss her off, even when I got her flowers she continued to find some fault with those too. My throat was raw after one of our arguments because I’d been screaming at her for so long and so loudly.

But boy, did she have a voice on her. She could put Snow White to shame. When she sang it was as if you were in a completely different world. Not just a daze, but an entire fog clouded your vision. She could tell a story beautifully with that voice. Her big, full lips seemed to tenderly kiss every word she said. And if you got to kiss those lips? Well then you were one lucky person. Her kiss had a way of making you want to propose to her right there and then.

She was a master puppeteer and I was her favorite doll. At the time I hadn’t minded. Anything was worth it to be close to her, but now I knew better. I’m glad she’s out of my life now. Even if she ever did come back she wouldn’t recognize me.

Back then I was fat and short. Acne covered every inch of my body, my teeth were rarely brushed, my hair was always long, greasy, and unkempt. Why that beautiful woman went for someone like me I’ll never know, but now I stand at 6’4, I’ve built a decent amount of muscle to replace my fat, my teeth are perfectly straight and pearly white, and my hair is always well kept with gel spiking it neatly at the front and the rest of my hair short, but stylish.

Not only did I change my look, I got a degree in market management and now am a big CEO with the stock market holders. Being rich definitely has its perks, yet I still have not been able to look at one woman after all these years. They literally throw themselves at me, but I still couldn’t get her out of my head.

“Sir?” my assistant, Jessica, interrupted my reverie. My head snapped up.

“Yes Jessica?” I asked. She blushed furiously.

“Sorry sir, didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I figured this was important,” she said sheepishly.

“Don’t mind it. I needed to get work done anyway. Can’t waste the day away day dreaming,” I said good-naturedly. She smiled politely.

“Sir, a woman came by the office just now,” she said. I sat more at attention, but tried not to be too obvious.

“Did she mention what her name was?” I asked.

“No, sir,” Jessica replied. She was bouncing from foot to foot anxiously. I cocked as eye brow at her.

“What did she want?” I asked, concern laced in my tone.

“She uh… she… I asked her what she needed. She said she was here to see you sir. I told her you weren’t in the office. She asked when you’d be back. I told her when your lunch break was over. She smiled then and I asked if I could tell him who stopped by and she-” Jessica hesitated.

“Yes Jessica?” I asked with patience. Jessica obviously did not want to reiterate what this woman had said.

“She was gorgeous, Sir! Long black hair, bright blue eyes, full lips, long legs, and a body to die for!” Jessica gushed.

“Jessica, who did she say she was?” I asked with more venom than I’d meant to put in. She flinched at my tone, but continued.

“She said she was your fiance, Sir,” Jessica said in defeat.

I jumped from my chair and ran past her through the doorway. Quickly punching the elevator button I bounced on the balls of my feet waiting for the slow machine to bring up the box. It was taking too long and Jessica had now followed me out of the office and was asking questions I didn’t have time to answer. It was her. She was here! I had to see her. She was back! After all these years, she was back!

Turning on my heel I left Jessica in the dust as I ran to the stairs. My feet hit the steel with a resounding ring that echoed all the way down. I flew down them and launched myself through the door on the ground floor. There, walking like an experienced Victoria’s Secret model, was my ex-fiance. Her black hair had grown longer, her gait was more confident, and, despite the fact that I could only see half of it, her face had gotten even more beautiful than I had remembered.

I rushed to her, yelling her name, but she didn’t turn around. She just kept walking. Somehow I knew I couldn’t let her leave the building. If she left the building I knew I’d lose her fast in the crowded New York commuter traffic.

I grabbed her arm and she halted mid-step. She didn’t turn around, just stood there as if she’d been waiting for me to catch up to her. I was out of breath, I was panting, I was sweating, and I was exhausted.

As I began to turn her around a bright light flashed before my eyes. I yelled out. I was blinded. I couldn’t see anything, but I could still feel her small arm in my grasp. Then I heard voices, not the usual hum of the office, but urgent sounding voices.

I desperately looked for her face, just one glimpse was all I needed, but the white light flashed again. I was losing my sight. The people around me were disappearing, I could feel her arm fading from my grasp.

“No! Come back!” I yelled to her. Then I heard it. Her laugh. The laugh she did when she was enjoying someone’s pain. It was a low seductive laugh that made my blood run cold. A third flash and she was gone.


“Mr. Doe? How are you feeling? We almost lost you there,” said a woman dressed head to toe in a nurse’s uniform. The air reeked of cleaning supplies and sterilized tools. I looked around frantically for my ex-fiance, but she was no where to be found. Only a lonely waiting area. Was this… a hospital?

“Where is she?” I asked the nurse, panic collapsing my words.

“Oh Mr. Doe, she was never here. Now. Take your med’s and get some sleep. You’re being moved to the psych ward tomorrow,” the nurse said.

“The… The psych ward?” I muttered to myself. Then I felt it. The restraints around my body. Two belts strapped my wrists to the gurney and two identical belts strapped my ankles securely. There were belts around my torso and my thighs as well, holding me down. I struggled against them as panic gripped me. “What is this!?” I yelled at the nurse.

“Well we can’t let psychotic wife-beaters run around free now, can we Mr. Doe?I mean, when your wife brought you in all those months ago she had bruises covering her legs and arms from how hard you had kicked her,” the nurse said. My face knotted.

“What are you talking about!?” he demanded, but the nurse ignored him.

“Here, she left this for you,” she said and unfolded a small piece of paper. She set it on my lap as she injected some medication into my IV. I looked down at the note and struggled to read it through my haze.

Dear John,

It’s not fun being the crazy one is it? You thought you would lock me in this place. Look who’s locked up now. 

Love always,

Jane Doe

Bile rose the surface of my throat. I was going to be sick. That bitch. That manipulative bitch. She got me locked in a psychiatry ward for something she’d done! 

As the medication began to take over my vision blurred, my limbs felt heavy, and my mind was clouded. I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. Then, as my vision faded completely to black, I heard a familiar laugh whispering at my ear.

“Goodbye John,” she said. Then I was overcome with unconsciousness.


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