Doubt Little, Love Lots

Hot tears ran down her face, her complexion was bright red, her small hands were balled into fists, and she looked like the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. In the blink of an eye the anger left his eyes as he gazed at her. He drank in the site of her so vulnerable, despite how hard she tried to hide it.

“Sweetheart,” he said as his hand reached out to caress her face. She flinched away as more tears spilled over her eyes. It broke his heart. “Babe, please. Come here,” he coaxed. She refused to budge. He smiled then and a hardy laugh bubbled up from deep inside him.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded as she roughly wiped away tears from her baby-soft cheeks. He gave her a smile that melted her heart. Slowly he approached her until their chests were touching and they were nose to nose. Lightly he wiped away the still-falling tears.

“You,” he said simply. She made move to distance herself from him, but that familiar look of defiance flashed across her facial features.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You’re being your cute stubborn self,” he said. She huffed at it, but it was obvious the vial anger had left her body.

“I’m sorry sweet heart,” he said as he gently grabbed her chin and swiveled her head so that they were gazing into each other’s eyes, “I shouldn’t have taken my stress out on you.” She wrapped her hand around his affectionately and brought herself onto her tiptoes as she nuzzled her nose to his.

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said all those things. I know you do a lot for us. I know it can be stressful,” she atoned. He gave her a small smile and shook his head at her. “Will you forgive me?” she asked, concern evident all over her body.

“There’s nothing to forgive,” he said simply. He placed a light loving kiss on her lips that seemed to last a lifetime. As he pulled away he grabbed both her hands. “You know I get upset sometimes, but that doesn’t ever mean I don’t love you. You have nothing to worry about. I’m never going anywhere. You know why?” he asked.

“Because you love me?” she asked her tears finally stopped flowing. He chuckled.

“Yes, but… there’s something else,” he said and then he reached into his back pocket. Pulling out a little black box, he knelt down on his right knee as he gazed into her bright blue eyes. “We’ve been through hell and back, we’ve fought tooth and nail, we loved each other like two people that’ll never see each other again. I know all the flaws you find in yourself, and you know all the flaws I find in myself, but together we see nothing wrong with the other. You’re still as beautiful, inside and out, as when I first met you three years ago. I love you, sweet heart. Will you give me the pleasure of being mine, forever?” he asks as he opens the little black box. The diamond sparkles as her eyes light up.

She gasps quietly as tears spring back to her eyes and flow down gracefully. Sweats dew’s on his forehead as he waits for her to begin to breath again. She was at a complete loss for words except for one that she manages to squeak out.

“Yes,” she says breathlessly, “yes of course I’ll marry you!” She squeals loudly as she tackles him to the floor and assaults his face with kisses. They fall into each other in a fit of giggles and an aura of love surrounding them.


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